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“The Heart” of JJA

A head office combining productivity and well-being

Major European player in the distribution of home furnishings and decoration, JJA wanted a headquarters that combined productivity and well-being.
Located in Gonesse (95) and based on a campus concept, “The Heart” consists of two large volumes housing 4,000m² of offices and 15,000m² of showroom. Organized around an interior garden, a real living space, the various spaces have been designed to stimulate collaboration and promote the well-being of users.
Working alongside L35, BEG Ingénierie, Malherbe Paris and Majorelle,
Lindera was more specifically entrusted with the layout of the following spaces:

On the first floor, dedicated to customers:
  • The reception area with its large wooden table,
  • The auditorium,
  • The bar and the restaurant area,
  • The showroom, with the different entrances and the presentation furniture, specially developed to meet the specific needs of each universe for a maximum enhancement of the products.
On the upper level, dedicated to employees:
  • The office areas,
  • The COMEX room with its monumental meeting table (over 70m²).