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The Lindera CSR commitment

The seedbed for company growth and permanence!

Rooted in our core values of Agility, Excellence, Commitment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Passion, and drawing on DNA rich in exceptional expertise that benefits our clients and pays close attention to what our people and partners are saying, the Lindera Group is continually perfecting the excellence of its CSR policy on the basis of its 5 fundamental priorities: Exceptional Expertise, Environment, Responsible Purchasing, Employment Policy & Human Rights and Ethical Practice.

Olivier Jacquier, Group CEO

In choosing our fundamental CSR priorities, we have made the conscious choice to sign a series of benchmark charters to help us respond as effectively as possible to today’s major societal challenges

A Group-wide CSR commitment
since 2012


A proactive approach

The Group began its CSR journey in 2012, when it conducted an environmental audit commissioned its first carbon footprint assessment. From this starting point, the Group developed a roadmap to the future, which included securing an EcoVadis rating and signing a number of benchmark charters.
Our CSR commitment is supervised at the highest level of management by a CSR Committee chaired by Lindera Group CEO Olivier Jacquier.

Working towards EcoVadis Gold!

Having secured its first EcoVadis certification in 2016 and Silver certification in 2019 (renewed in 2021 and 2023), Lindera has its eyes firmly set on EcoVadis Gold certification in 2024.

Our priorities for progress:
  • Decarbonation
  • Responsible purchasing
  • Human rights
  • New societal challenges

Our partners

In addition to certification, we are also committed to the collection and recycling of waste alongside partners such as Valdelia or Seconde Œuvre.
And we are working with actors on the challenges around furniture recycling, in particular with Kataba on eco-design.

A CSR committee to deliver our CSR approach

The TOP 40 managers, employees and suppliers are the key contributors of input to our CSR approach. But to be truly effective, this approach must also involve decision-making at the highest level of the business. At Lindera, our Group CEO is also our CSR leader and charter signatory. He is able to rely on the full support of committee members Laurent Roussanne, Site Manager & CSR Manager, Anissa Ourif, Human Resources Director and Health & Safety Officer, and Éric Thouroude, Responsible Purchasing Manager.

The CSR Committee injects strategic impetus, reviews the progress of structural initiatives, and validates the action plans developed jointly with entity managers and employees.

Our CSR impact priorities

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