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Coordinating your finishing works and climate control projects

The general contractor for energy performance system installation and maintenance for clients across all business sectors.

As the general contractor for all business sectors, Lindera Travaux coordinates and manages the finishing works that complete your projects to perfection.

From design to worksite realities, the expertise and uncompromising standards of our teams are what allow us to meet
– and exceed – your project delivery expectations.

In 2022, Lindera Travaux expanded its range of services with its acquisition of KLIMA, the technical installation specialist for the essential services of climate control, ventilation and heating.

Our specialist skills

Lindera Travaux provides finishing works and climate control services for offices, retailers and sports centres. The teams - 2 design offices, 20 HVAC technicians - refrigeration engineers - fitters and 15 project managers, offer bespoke tech solutions tailored to the needs of each client, and implement them in the context of the client brief. Lindera Travaux prepares clear, detailed quotations on the basis of client specifications and environmental constraints: these include a heat budget, detailed drawings, choice of materials, description of the installation (location, air distribution, regulation, condensates and filtration) and details of services (supplies, delivery and installation, commissioning, testing and adjustment, labour and travel, project acceptance, warranty and maintenance).

Just some of our clients...

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